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Breaction chapter 4 and Berserk chapter 261

  » Posted August 27th, 2005 by Eldo

The news was about one or two days ago, but it’s better late than never to report to you about the release of the long awaited chapters of both Breaction and Berserk, heh. Breaction is a joint project with Yakuza now, direct your gratitude to them as well for their hard work.

EDIT: Version 2 of Berserk chapter 261 has been released, fixes are made to the script for clarification. Thanks goes out to Wandering_Mystic for his translation work.

Click below for the BT links:

Berserk chapter 261 v2

Breaction chapter 4 (joint with Yakuza)

As usual, you can download it on IRC as well from our bot, the packlist is located here.

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BT Tracker and Packlist

  » Posted August 23rd, 2005 by Eldo

Alright, there’s been people asking about packlists and bt trackers on IRC, and since I’m experimenting on the first post thing, I think I’ll try my hand at this.



First time updating the site, hope this works. *crosses fingers*

Heh. Hoped no one spotted my mistake from about a couple of hours ago. Have to cover my ass from the fire. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention and spend the rest of your days drinking hard liquor until you’re a soulless bag of flesh wandering the earth waiting for every purpose to die…

< .< >.>

*Pretends to be busy*

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Berserk Chapter 260

  » Posted August 12th, 2005 by psi29a

Guess what was just released? 😀

Berserk Ch 260 of course!

Guess you all know the place: Teh Tracker

Keep those download windows open as long as possible so that others get a chance please.

Oh, if you all see or talk to Nazgul, tell him thanks. He deserves it.

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New Berserk and Abba one-shot.

  » Posted August 5th, 2005 by psi29a

Evil Genius is now back on the ball and here is more goodies for you all.

Tsutomu Nihei’s Abba

Berserk ch: 259

About the site, I have finalized the layout and yes it will remain dark. Laik is our resident graphic artist and I think his style works very well. The torrent site and the bbtech based forums follows the same general tone. Now that we have Nazgul and Eldo on board, we can perhaps keep the news up to date without much fuss and head-ache.

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New Layout and Releases

  » Posted August 3rd, 2005 by Nazgul

One day, a lazy guy was being dragged down the street since he was too lazy to actually walk. Suddendly, the person dragging him got tired.

Nazgul dropped his legs, “Forget that I’m not dragging you anymore. Get up!”

Laik folded his arms, “But… But that takes effort…”

Nazgul narrowed his eyes, “Alright then, guess I’ll give you these Full Metal Alchemist chapters to edit…”

“Not those long ass chapters!” Laik shouted, getting to his feet as fast as possible. Alas, this guy was lazy no more for the threat of FMA chapters kept him too paranoid.

Based on a fake story. — Laik

Anyway, I’m sure you are here for the goods:

Berserk ch: 256257258

Zetman ch: 21 – 22 – 23

NHK ch: 1 – 15

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